Signature-ZA is the language translation agency created 16 years ago by a group of qualified and professional language translators. All our translators have at least a bachelor degree in language studies and translate into their native language. Our extensive exposure to the language industry allows us to guaranty the satisfaction of our clients. Our main services are: translation, editing, proofreading, interpreting, transcription, corporate language teaching.


  • Provide quality job at affordable rate to our clients
  • Help businesses and organization to communicate smoothly
  • Break language barriers between individuals and organisations
  • Facilitate human mobility and communication around the world
  • Guarantee language usage standard and ethics



Confidentiality and secrecy is not an option with us. And this is drummed into our translators before they even know about the project.
We translate and review highly sensitive and extremely confidential materials on a daily basis. We provide this type of service for world’s leading firms, government agencies, large international corporations, pharmaceutical, medical and scientific research organizations, and a number of prominent individual’s private documentation. Our standards of practice are all aimed at protecting your information and we take this very seriously


Our quality assurance process or review process is critical to the quality of the translated product. We ensure that your translated documents, websites or electronic media, are reviewed following our industry-leading Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of your translated content.
Under stringent guidelines, every document is analyzed, deciphered, translated, formatted, proofread and proofread again. By the time a document reaches the certification/approval stage with our best and brightest translators, the new translated version is, in essence, a perfect match of the original in intent and all salient aspects. As part of our QA process, various checklists are therefore used to ensure all steps have been completed.


After analyzing the project, the project manager assigns it to the most suitable translator available .He/she makes sure that the chosen translator is a native speaker of the target language; and that he/she is specialized in the field of the current project.


All translations completed are given a basic proof-read called a PM check. This check is carried out by our project manager and involves making sure that all source material has been translated and that all numbers, paragraphs, headings and pages are present in the translation. He/she also use automated softwares such as Docuproof or Trados Studio for this task.


Depending on the nature of the document, we recommend that clients incorporate the proofreading step into the translation process; this ensures the highest quality possible. Proofreading refers to a translation QA step, whereby a second, independent, translator reviews and fine tunes the work of the original translator


Our unique workflow methodology leverages geographic placement, the Internet and the professionalism of great minds to deliver high quality translation projects in the shortest amount of time. In addition to our in-house experts, a large number of our certified translators are strategically deployed across global time zones in “Virtual translation tag-teams.” This methodology ensures a 24/7 “around-the-clock” translation course of action.



With a 97% client satisfaction rate in 2016 and 2017, we are classified among the best translation agencies in the world. We are specialized in the provision of language services for English ( From UK, America, Africa) and French ( From France, Belguim, Canada, and Africa). Though we also supply the services for major languages such as, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic and African languages..


  • > La Société Française des Traducteurs (SFT)
  • > The south African translators ‘institute (SATI)
  • > International federation of translators (FIT)
  • > The United Nations (UN)
  • > African Union (AU)
  • > American Translators Association (ATA)
  • > Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI)
  • > US National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT)