Translation Services

We are a people-intensive business that can only be as good as the professionals who do the work. Certified translation is work that cannot be done by machines or any technology currently available – at least not for the exacting and precise standards of financial, legal, medical, technical, and scientific documentation.
Signature-SA Translation Services has the resources and capabilities to form special project teams for complex or large assignments to guarantee effectiveness and consistency. 
Certified translation is also called legal translation and cover legal aspects such as the translation of critical business contracts, complex litigation materials, evidence documents, diplomas and certificates, financial statements, deposition records, technical patent confirmation, birth certificates, or any other essential document. Signature-SA Translation Services completes the translation from and into any languages for you quickly and accurately.

This is the simplest of translation types, a general translation allows a translator quite a lot of leeway because its source material mostly uses layman terms and ordinary, everyday speech. With general translation, there is no need to understand special terminologies, and most translation work fall into this particular type.

Our advanced manufacturing translation division consists of an extensive network of technical translators with advanced technology and engineering background. All our translators are native speakers of the target language. Where necessary, our professional translators will develop and employ a client-specific customized multilingual terminology database, which forms the basis for consistent translations. This is particularly important when working with technical terminology that is fundamental to a specific business sector, product, or application. Signature-SA has the resources and expertise to manage and deliver this vital precursor to your technical translation needs.

A commercial translation or business translation requires a translator to have specialist translation skills and business jargon knowledge in order to translate a business's every report, tender document, company account, and correspondence. There's a bit of overlap between commercial translation and legal translation as well, in the sense that companies tend to handle legal paperwork alongside business paperwork. For any specific type of translation, we have specialized language professionals.



With a 97% client satisfaction rate in 2016 and 2017, we are classified among the best translation agencies in the world. We are specialized in the provision of language services for English ( From UK, America, Africa) and French ( From France, Belguim, Canada, and Africa). Though we also supply the services for major languages such as, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic and African languages..


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